A Muslim Uses his INTELLECT for it’s most Intended PURPOSE

brains-2A Muslim is the one who uses his intellect in the MOST useful way of what it is made for.

In all other religions and belief system a person might use his intellect to send rocket to space or curing the impossible diseases but when it comes to matter about his creator he shuts up his intellect and he takes anything as his god and goes to pray to a stone or fire or sun or man or ‘mother nature’ or ideas of other men or ideas of his own or his own desire, they make creations as their ‘god’ but as for Muslim he uses his intellect most to understand his creator and pray to the one who created him.

Moreover, the amazing fact being Muslim is that, a Muslim prays to the Creator as the way his creator TAUGHT him to pray, unlike all other ‘religious’ people, those who do not know where the system of their prayer came from or even they don’t know how the ‘messenger’ himself that they believe in, sent by ‘God’,  prayed to ‘their God’. They just follow their own desire thus they eventually worship themselves. What a pity being human.

That’s how a Muslim differs in the ‘belief’ with other ‘religions’ and other beliefs. A Muslim’s belief comes with EVIDENCE unlike other beliefs as it is to them is ‘just a belief’.