The Basic Message


In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful

For any Yet to be Muslim OUT THERE, this is the message for YOU:

I place following message before you, so that this site can be witness for you on the day when you will RESURRECTED again to stand before your CREATOR!

What is the MESSAGE?

You have a Creator, HE called himself, ALLAH (Quran 20.14)*1

That Creator sent you a message called “Quran”. This book has the guidance for your life. (Quran 2.185)*2

The message sent through a messenger named Muhammad (May Allah exalt his mention) (Quran 48:29, 33:40, 3:144, 47:2)*3

What is the BASIC Message?

That you WORSHIP YOUR CREATOR ALONE and nothing else and nobody else.


And follow His guidelines in EVERY ASPECT of your life

(numerous references in Quran)

Purest Pertinent Knowledge:

Day of Judgement:

After your DEATH, there will be a day in which you will be resurrected (Quran 80:22, 83:4)*4 and you have to stand before your Creator. (Quran 18:48)*5. This day is called “THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT” (Quran 37:21)*6

The HELL FIRE will be brought forward (Quran 79:36, 102: 6-7)*7, the PARADISE will be brought forward. (Quran 26:90, 50:31, 81:31)*8

If YOU DO NOT BELIEVE in your Creator, you WON’T be able to SEE your Creator (Quran 83:10-17)*9. You will be DRAGGED INTO HELL FIRE (Quran 40:70-72)*10, even you are the MOST HUMANITARIAN person in this world, your all GOOD DEEDS WILL NOT BENEFIT you. You will LIVE in HELL FIRE FOREVER. (Quran 18:103-106)*11

If you BELIEVE then you will be able to SEE your RABB and HE will TALK to you. (Sahih Bukhari. 7512)*12 HE will ASK you of the blessings HE gave you in this life. (Quran 102:8)*13

You will be given a RECORD BOOK in which you will have every single DEEDS (even it is smaller than an atom) written that you did in this world. (Quran 18:49, 99:6-8)*14

Your GOOD DEEDS and BAD DEEDS will be weighed upon.

If GOOD DEEDS WEIGHS MORE you will be admitted into PARADISE.

IF BAD DEEDS WEIGHS MORE then you will be taken to HELL FIRE.

(Quran 101:6-11)*15

A BELIEVER will be eventually FORGIVEN and taken out from the Hell fire and his final abode will be PARADISE for ever. (Numerous References in Authentic sayings of prophet known as ‘Hadith’)

Long before the resurrection on the Day of Judgement, Immediately after your DEATH, there are stages that you have to go through.

DEATH: This death will be the beginning of punishment for a non believer. (Quran 8:50)*16

Even the wrongdoers among believers will go through serious agony during the moments of his death.

And every soul will go through the toughness of death, even a believer and righteous person. This is a process that every human soul will experience it’s severity as every mother goes through the agony of giving birth. (Specific References will be mentioned in future InShaAllah)

GRAVE: The next stage is Grave. Every human being will be asked 3 questions.

  1. Who is your RABB?
  2. What is your DEEN (Way/System of life)?
  3. Who is this man who was sent among you?

IF YOU did not take Allah as your Rabb you won’t be able to answer that question no 1.

IF YOU did not follow Islamic Systems/Ways/GUIDANCE in every aspects of your life then you won’t be able to answer that question in no. 2.

IF YOU did not follow the guidance came through prophet Muhammad (May Allah exalt his mention), you won’t be able to answer that question in no 3.

IF YOU MISS to answer any of these questions your punishment will begin straight away and will continue until you are resurrected on The Day of Judgement and you will start getting a TASTE of HELL FIRE right then.

But irony of the fact that you will also show a piece of Jannah (paradise) and will be told that this would have been your home in Jannah had you believed in Allah but now Hell Fire is where you will live forever.

IF YOU answer these questions CORRECTLY then you will start getting a TASTE of PARADISE from this moment.

(Sunan Abu Dawood, Vol 5, Book 39, The Book of the Sunnah, Hadith No. 4753; Musnad Ahmad, 18063 al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 1676.)*17

The Day of Judgement: This day is a day of 50,000 years long (Quran 70:4)*18. In what measure only Allah knows.

The agony of the day will be as such, if YOU are the one destined for HELL FIRE, YOU will ask better to start the accounting and reckoning of the day!

The intensity of that day is as such that you will flee from your children, your parents (Quran 80:33-37)*19

The FEAR of going to HELL FIRE will be as such that if you are destined for HELL FIRE then you will offer your child to take to HELL FIRE instead of you! (Quran 70:10-15)*20

And IF YOU are the one destined for PARADISE, you will want the reckoning to finish as soon as possible too.

The MINIMUM CRITERIA to make PARADISE your final abode:

Say sincerely from heart “LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH, MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH” meaning “I reject all objects of worship and I reject anything or any deities (philosophies) that came from human minds EXCEPT the ONE, the CREATOR of heavens and the earths, whose proper name is Allah and Muhammad (May Allah exalt his mention) is the Messenger of Allah” (Sahih Bukhari. 128)*21

And not associating partners in worshipping Allah (Quran 4:48, 4:117)*22


I place you this message to you. Now take your time if you want. Research. Use your brain that your creator gave you to THINK. Wherever you born does not matter, get rid of your limitations and surrender to your creator. Take his guidance as your guidance for life. I pray to Allah, the All Mighty to guide you and help to overcome your ego, arrogance, ignorance, desire, possessiveness, habits and I pray to our creator, Allah, the most JUST to make you a just person to your creator, giving HIM HIS due rights over you.