A Muslim is in Connection with the Most powerful:

sujud2Ask a person who works or have a ‘hot connections’ with the office of the prime minister or in the office of the president or a king of his nation or country or the land he calls ‘his’, How you think that makes him proud over others in the society? What prestige, status he enjoyed in the society only because he steps in the office of his Prime Minister?

Well, think of a Muslim then. A Muslim has a intense ‘one-on-one’ connection, 5 times a day, inside the HOUSE of the owner of this entire land call ‘earth’ and the owner of the sun over your head and the owner of the sky that surround your vision. Can you imagine what prestige, status he feels in his mind and heart throughout the day? Allahu Akbar!

If you have problem realizing the fact of what I am talking about then go to science again and know how big is the universe!


But then that Muslim many times lose the intense connection and many times experience errors in connection and many times get into no connection at all because his eyes and mind becomes so short that he does not know or think or feel the greatness of that connection.

Because the connection of this world become so greater to him, the benefit from this world become so greater to him that he rushed out from the house of his creator. It just takes 2 minutes from him to pray 2 rakah Salah, he finishes 4 Rakah salah in 3 minutes.

He doesn’t know what he recites in his prayer, he doesn’t know what he listens in the prayer from the Imam, because he has no idea about Quran or it’s language. He reads Quran but he doesn’t understand what he reads, so he make himself lower than an animal to his creator.

He steps into the house of Allah with the instrument of shaitan called mobile ringtone, because he is not mindful about his creator so he doesn’t care to stop it, mute it or switch it off before entering the house of his creator.

May Allah guide those Muslims and myself to re-establish the intense connection. Ameen.