My brother,What’s the topic of your khutba?

Did you ever notice and thought why it is that the Musalli in the fajr prayer and all other regular prayers do not increase? That’s because your khutbah’s do not have slightest impact on them. That’s because your khutba does not even cast slightest interest in their minds. You khutbah does not answer their questions and does not influence them to even read to find out for themselves anything they have questions about.

O Muslim, how do you let yourself be surrounded by a sick and suffocating Environment?

But the world around you that you live in today does not belong to your Rabb, Allah, that you love, the world around you does not rule by the command of your Allah, the world you live in does not run by the system set by your Rabb, Allah.

My brother, my sister, you pray five times today, right? Then you must be the one who love Allah. Then I give you few specific example here which you are doing because you live in the environment set by the sick people who does not recognize Allah or does not have a knowledge about their Creator or believe in a “twisted god”, you are engaged in the environment set by them.