“Whatever you believe does not matter, BE GOOD and give GOODNESS to the humanity”, sound familiar?

“Isn’t giving goodness to the humanity should be the ultimate attitude or outcome of a human being!”

“Isn’t spreading peace to the humanity should be the utmost important thing to the human life?”

“Why live in religious confusion! Being religious is good but you should live for better objective!”

Are you one of those people who run their life by these philosophies? Then I have a question for you.

If giving Goodness is the utmost important thing in Life WHO deserves MOST GOODNESS from you?


Science + Logic + Ignorance + Arrogance + Blind Belief + Slavery of Desire = Atheists

When science says “yes”, logic says “yes” then this third element says “No”! So you could be the one who might be having MOSTLY this third MOST INFLUENTIAL element that shaped your mind!