01.01 Imagine the Reality – Prologue

An animal or insect does things only out of it’s physiological necessity. It has stomach so it collects food, it has reproductive organ so it finds mate and reproduces, it needs shelter from rain and sun so it builds it’s nest, it needs protection from others so it builds security system like staying together in the community, helping each other and collecting food together, working together, fight together for one cause and they play together too! (Bit of advice here, you don’t have to see scientific explanation to know these, just observe animals and insects closely yourself, mindfully). Do you see most of the human just living in these pattern? (I just intentionally do not use the phrase, ‘living like animal and insect’, out of respect to my fellow human being) Those human being just eat, work, sleep, entertain, sport, fun, reproduce, help others and the cycle goes on while they don’t realise when they got old and get close to the death.