From most shameless “Born Muslim” for 43 years to “Muslim” (who surrenders to the commands, laws, rules, guidelines in every aspects of life given by The CREATOR, Allah, The All Powerful, The Most High  and The All Knowing) since mid 2013. Alhamdulillah. Praise be to Allah. 

From browsing and surfing philosophies after philosophies made by men sometimes under distorted religious shade or “twisted God” they believe in to the philosophy of the ONE who OWNS the universe! Praise be to Allah.

From staying sleepless nights after nights and pulled the hair, engrossed into the quest for solution to the evil of human beings and to save the world from destruction  to the guidance and peace of the OWNER of the Worlds and all that exists! Al Hamdulillah.

From the self devised philosophy of “stop bringing another human to this world”  to surrender to the guidance of the Creator of that human being! Al Hamdulillah, Allah guides whom he wills.

From the process of developing a theory of “shaping human child” to make every child like one Mandela, Ghandi, Mother Teresa to submitting to the guidance of the CREATOR of that human being!

From 25 years of engrossing into music, eating, sleeping and dreaming into music and then writing, tuning, makings songs and then when it was ready to making 4 albums and 5 more to be ready in the process of being a star to engrossing in the passion of the ONE who gave me a passionate heart!

From questions after questions: Why God did not make only ONE religion? Why there are sects in every religion? Why all religious scholars in each sects, each of them study their religion for 20/40 years, why they don’t find the correct religion? Is God unjust, why HE put billions of human in the wrong religion, did HE create them for Hell fire? How they will get truth? What’s wrong with human being? From all these questions to the ONE answer given by that SUPREME LORD, MOST JUST ONE, “the EGO, root of all evils” (Pride, possessiveness, Overpowering others, Feelings of Inferiority and superiority,  Feelings of Insult (even an innocent advice from others sometimes feels like an insult to the intellect), etc. all these are different form of EGO that are the causes of human destruction) and the other reason being indulged into the ocean of entertainment thus being unmindful and eventually being unaware and ungrateful for the blessing of life, are the answers that I embarked on.

From Questions of “What if I had born in a ‘Catholic’ family, or ‘Protestant’ family or in a another sect of Islam or in a family and community of ‘grave worshipers’ or ‘Idol worshipers’ or ‘Fire worshipers’ or ‘nature worshipers’ or any other religious or non religious family or community had I followed my fore fathers and followed the scholars of that sect, how would I have found the TRUE GUIDELINE from my CREATOR? Did HE make any arrangement for all the humanity born in all these different groups as to how to get ONE TRUE GUIDELINE from HIM? From those questions to the answer, “IF you are a believer what are your BRAINS created for?”

From a community of ‘corrupt minds’ of “don’t go into deep into religion, you will get confused”, “if you believe, only then religion is true, if you don’t believe,  then there’s no truth“, “Reading in Arabic you at least get reward  brother but reading translation is what making Muslims atheist“, “Are these Ulama wrong? They study Shariah for 40 yrs, you think you know better than them?”, “Our Shariah is set, our scholars already set rules for, you just need to follow them” “This is the problem,  by studying few hadith here n there you think you can question them who studied 100,000s of hadith in their entire life?” from all these blockade and darkness of minds to the light of the ONE who says , “Do you not THINK?”

From “corrupt minds” (a state of the mind shaped by the “corrupt philosophies”) to the philosophy of ‘the Certain Knowledge’ from the purest sources.

From sleepless nights after nights of shading tears for all the good human being but non believersto opening pages of “” for the open heart and open mind ones and praying to AlMighty Allah to guide them.

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