Ibraheem 14:18 Disbelievers DEEDS are like ASHES (in the sight of Allah)

This ayah might come as shock to many Muslims. If you are one of those people then this is how you evaluate ‘Your Islam’ and where you stand in terms of ‘being Muslim’. If Allah guides then you can understand InShaaAllah. But make it your starting point of learning about “What really Islam is?”

So, what I am talking about? Easy my brother. It is as simple as that what you call Islam or know Islam is only as ‘rituals’ but you have a mind-set of kuffar. You have made Islam just only limited to rituals. But you follow kuffar’s system, you follow kuffar’s life style, you follow kuffar’s philosophy and obviously you love kuffar’s law and you dislike Allah’s law. This is happened because the kuffar has taken you out of Islam, long back, before you even born because your grand parents might have lived with kufaar’s mind-set. Then your father was taught and lived by that mind-set, educated by that mind-set. So, you are far far away from Islam.

Muslim is out of Islam QuoteMuslim is out of Islam Quote

How? Keep following this blog, you will know InShaaAllah. It’s a huge issue. You don’t expect to understand it at one go. Can’t change your mind just like that. If Allah guide you and you put your mind on Allah and take yourself out from all waste of time activities, InShaaAllah.

But start with please read these tree articles:

Article 1: “Whatever you believe does not matter, BE GOOD and give GOODNESS to the humanity”, sound familiar?

Article 2: How is that the most humanitarian and good-hearted people become the GREATEST LOSERS?

Article 3: Do Good People go to Hell!

Mapping My Journey to Jannat Al-Firdous In Shaa Allah

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