Ar-Ra’d 13:11 Each person is guarded by 2 Malaikah (Angels) from before and behind

I give importance to 2 Tafsir mostly.

No. 1 is Tafsir Ibne Katheer because in it is mostly statement from Hadith rarely his own understanding.

No. 2 Tafsir Ibne Abbas because he (Radi Allahu Anhu) is regarded as the one who understands the Quran Most.

So, the tafsir of this Ayah baffled me when I found the following statement about the act of those malaikah. SubhanAllah. I will InShaaAllah dig about this statement more. If this statement is true then it shows, SubhanAllah how vulnerable Allah made people, they think they are doing things themselves but it is actually according to their INTENTION Allah drive them through these Angels. This statement to me is the most scarey statement about our destiny. Qadr.

Tafsir Ibne Abbas:

About the guarding malaikah

(For him are angels ranged before him) He has angels who succeed one another: the angels of the night succeed the angels of the day and vice versa (and behind him who guard him by Allah’s command) “and who drive him to the things destined.”

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