Evolution: A mockery to human intellect – Part 1.

Dawah Made Easy

None other go against their very NATURE but humans
Fact and practice:
# How’s your morning?
– Sleepy
# Coutldnt you sleep well last night?
– Going to sleep now. Enjoyed the night, enjoyed the life. How about you?
# Slept the night, Started the day for work. Al Hamdulillah. So, you treat the night as day and the day as night!
– Yes, it is, it’s fun. You got to enjoy yourself. You live only once.
Contradiction to Nature:

# You going against the nature of yourself. Night is meant for Sleeping.

– yea….h, I think I can make my choice. It’s my life, I own it.
# Do you consider yourself as one of the animal species or distinctively human?

– What do you mean?

# Do you BELIEVE human evolved from animal?

– What does it have to do with making a choice being…

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