01.25 Do you feel the vulnerability of your life?

abstract1Does a second stays in it’s place for more than a sec? No!
So what is present just second ago is past already, right?
Then you know now there are mili second exist. Put your clock in your smart phone on stopwatch,  you can see how mili seconds past. So, mili-seconds also real ‘times’ that exist and there are many things are accomplished in each mili seconds. You need to watch few documentaries to get some idea about this.
So, these mili seconds also time. But does this mili second stays in it’s place for more than a mili second? No.
Now, in our human level what we consciously and actively can accomplish in a mili second?  Nothing at all. Cells in our body do things but we don’t actively do those things, they do things on their own.
So, in reality, what you see? There is no present time for us human that really we can feel or accomplish anything. We don’t stay in present time at all. Even in reality there is no present time exist. If you break down that mili seconds, there will be fractions again and they won’t stay in their place at all.
Now what does it mean for us? There’s a lot to think, many ways to think and put this in many perspective. For me, we are just occupying some ‘times’ or we are just witnessing some ‘times’ for we are heading towards for an accomplishment that set for us. The most ironic fact is that ‘the times’ we are swimming through, we did not choose these ‘times’ for ourselves, somebody or something put us in these ‘times’. Again, it just shows how vulnerable we are, how inactive we are about the fact surrounding our lives, affecting our lives.
Do you feel the vulnerability of your life?