Smoker – Ignorant or Unstable Mind?

smokeFacts and Observations:

= Do you smoke?
# Yes!

= Do you not know that it has nothing good in it but the elements that causes only harm to your body?
# Yes, I know?

= Do you not see the warning of smoking is in the body of the cigarette packet with graphic image?

# Yes, I can see that.

= Does it not cause any fear in you?

# No!

= Why?

# It’s not happening right now!

= Do you know these are scientific truth?
# I have no doubt in that!

= So, you know for sure you can suffer a great deal in life and still you smoking?

# I can’t help it.

= This warning is truth man! It’s not merely a threat! People died of smoking, people dying of smoking and people will die of smoking.

# I will deal with that when it happens!

Even after knowing the harm, practically and scientifically, one does things because (1) he/she cannot control his DESIRE, because he/she (2) doesn’t see the harm immediately. (Limitations being human)



  1. These types of people take their desire as their guide, they submit to their desire thus make their desire as their God.
  2. These types of people cannot overcome their short-sightedness
  3. They live only in the present moment and they live for the present moment.
  4. They don’t use their brain to think or imagine which makes them human, a clear difference from insects and animal.
  5. They don’t have self-respect of being human.



Unstable mind