Is there really exist a ‘PRESENT TIME’?

stopwatchSee, we have been taught in grammar, past, present and future in tense and than it relates to indicate times and thus we carried a wrong impression about time in our mind in our entire life knowing that we have a present time. This wrong knowledge could be a cause for our lacking of the understanding of time in our life.

In reality there is no present time exist. We are sitting on a passing time in every second. Let me take you to a detailed picture.

Say with me ‘one second’, does that one second remain there? No! It’s just passed right now. And that one second has gone to past time, isn’t it? That’s how simple it is to understand. But yes, sometimes one second seems very long time too. So, that one seconds stays with us for some time depending on what you waiting for to happen in one second.

Then you know a ‘one second’ is consists of how many mili seconds,  right? You know how stopwatch works.  It gives you fractions of seconds. Generally 100 mili seconds makes one second. What you see now? Where you stand in terms of each mili second? Does the ‘present time’ of 1 mili seconds have any significance to you? But that’s the present time in our level of calculation that we can humanly understand or make use of in calculating many things like Olympic sprinter.
But then if you know little bit of science and the cell of any organ of ours, for example,  the cell of our skin, what’s there life time? How many cell reproduce in each hour? We can’t really think the significance of that timing on that micro level. But in that fraction of mili seconds time doesn’t stay still, it moves.

Now do you see there is any present time? Not really. We are just swimming on and time passes through us. It’s scary, so scary. We were put in place without having any control on time, a thing that is most precious to us and that time, is nothing but a motion.

Thus everything in the nature that our creator has put in a motion. From atoms to galaxies everything in a motion.

In this is a sign for those who contemplate and in this in itself is a sign from your creator when He warned us about time. So, please THINK, where you are going and He will ask about the greatest blessings, time, what you did with it?.