Do you think you can understand the reality?

Do you think you can understand the reality? Do you have any idea of you thinking how close you can understand the reality? Or is it the fact that you do not understand the reality at all?

Let’s put that in a test.

dream2Can you feel or understand the dream of the person beside you? Can you understand the nightmare of the one dreaming beside you? Isn’t that really happening? When someone experience something with his entire existence, isn’t that a reality for him? But you name it ‘dream’ and that’s it, you’re done, you think by naming something you realize the reality of it. No it’s not, you know that. The person who dreams about surrounded by snakes or chased by wild animal he knows that was the reality of those moments.

Do you understand those reality by any means? If you can’t understand that reality then how can you then understand the reality in Kabr (grave) or the reality of death.