Insignificance of this life to the life after death as Earth to the Universe


Why did Allah created the universe? If Earth is the only planet which contains life, then what is the purpose of the rest of the universe?

If you compare our planet to the solar system, you will find that we are nothing but a dot. Similarly, compare our solar system to the size of the Milky Way Galaxy in which we are located, and you will find that our solar system is nothing but a dot in a dot. If you see the billions of galaxies in the universe, you will not be able to pin point our galaxy as it is smaller than a dot in a dot in a dot.

That’s how insignificant the earth is.

Now compare our life on earth to that of our life in the hereafter. Our life span on earth is a dot in comparison to our life span in the grave. Our life span in the grave is a dot in a dot compared to the length of The Day of Judgement, which Allah says will be the length of 50, 000 years. Again, the length of the Day of Judgement is a dot in a dot in a dot when compared to our life span in the hereafter, which is eternal.

That’s how insignificant our life on earth is.

Maybe that’s the reason Allah created the universe beyond our imagination – to show us, to give us a sign that in comparison to the earth and the universe, the earth is nothing. And in the same way, showing us that in comparison to our life on earth to our life in the hereafter, our life on earth is nothing. And Allah knows best