What luxury is worth for an inch of your skin burn for 30 seconds?

FireWhat’s the most comfort you can get physically and mentally? I mean the utmost comfort you can get as a human being.What do you think?

Whatever way we enjoy our life and whatever level of enjoyment we indulge in, the comfort we all get is relatively the same.

Let’s imagine that you have the most materially enjoyable life. You might own a palace, limousine, helicopter, yacht of your own or whatever luxury you indulge yourself in. What are all these for? For your comfort! For all of your life as long as you live.

Now imagine, you face a situation of 30 seconds of discomfort. How would you feel psychologically? You would surely blame yourself. What was the point of having all these luxuries when you had to face 30 seconds of discomfort? You would blame yourself, “How come I didn’t think of how to prepare myself for these 30 seconds?” You would find that you were stupid and careless and helpless.

If I asked you what you would do to get rid off that 30 seconds of discomfort, what would you say? Or how much less comfort were you ready to accept just so you could avoid that 30 seconds of discomfort?

But first let me explain what I mean by 30 seconds of discomfort.

Have you ever seen someone going through ‘unbearable’ pain because of some physical sickness? Well that is not what I am talking about. Because if you see someone is still alive but having pain, that’s not ‘unbearable’ pain. When a person is still alive but having pain, it is still bearable because unbearable pain does not exist in reality. If the pain were really unbearable, it would result in unconsciousness or death  because that was not bearable by a person who’s conscious or alive.

Shall I then talk about something that will give you extreme pain but you are still alive to bear it? What about fire? Skin off? How about being fed live to a hyena? Alright, Let’s not talk about putting your hand in fire for 30 seconds. Let’s not talk about peeling your skin off for 30 seconds, you might tell me I am a sick person. But I will tell you something you can experience yourself today!

Have you ever experienced suffocation? Block your mouth and nose and stop your breath, force yourself for 30 seconds beyond your regular breathing time and see how you go. Doesn’t work? Then try the same in a swimming pool. Well you can say, “I tried it before man!” But that was for fun! Imagine you are in a serious life and death situation. Imagine the same thing when you are under a collapsed building or a blocked cave, imagine yourself when you are drowning in a sea.

There’s a famous story of a certain king who had been out hunting with his dogs. And he returned to his Palace. And he was so thirsty that he was calling out for water. There was a scholar who used to be close to the king. So he said to the servant when he was bringing the water, “Give me the water so I can give it to the king personally.” The scholar went to the king and the king told him to give him the water because he was so thirsty. But the scholar said no. He said, “First let me ask you something. How much of your kingdom would you give up for this glass of water?”

The king replied, “I would give half my kingdom to drink water.” So the Scholar gave him the water and he drank it. Then after a while the scholar waited. He could see the king needed to relieve himself. So the king got up and The Scholar said, ” Wait. First I need to ask you. Imagine you are unable to relieve yourself. Imagine you are not able to go to the bathroom. Imagine you are not able to urinate. How much would you pay for the ability to urinate? How much of your kingdom would you give?”

The King said, ” I’d give half my kingdom for the ability to urinate.” The Scholar said, “Oh my king. Your whole kingdom is worth a glass of water and the ability to urinate.”

Then think, what would you want to sacrifice to save yourself from those moments if you knew they were to come? Your palace, limousine, helicopter, yacht and all the luxury and comfort you had in your life would mean NOTHING to you in the face of that 30 seconds, isn’t it true?

Then what ARROGANCE of your’s make you to DENY the THREAT of FIRE for eternity by your Creator? Will you not want to BURN your ARROGANCE that day? But to no avail!