“Whatever you believe does not matter, BE GOOD and give GOODNESS to the humanity”, sound familiar?


“Isn’t giving goodness to the humanity should be the ultimate attitude or outcome of a human being!”

“Isn’t spreading peace to the humanity should be the utmost important thing to the human life?”

“Why live in religious confusion! Being religious is good but you should live for better objective!”

Are you one of those people who run their life by these philosophies? These people are the best people in society. They may believe in a God, a force, mother nature or be agnostics or atheists. But regardless of their beliefs, they have this philosophy that you must remain good to yourself, your family, your neighbours, animals and nature and to all of humanity, as well as give due rights to others. In fact, all religions teach that and the greatest human beings throughout human history taught that. Goodness is in human nature, you just nurture it.

And then their observations about a peaceful existence of humanity goes on. ‘We humans are different’, ‘our religions are different’, ‘our cultures are different’, ‘our foods are different’ and ‘our habits are different’. ‘In fact, every individual is different’. And we have opinions out there, thousands of opinion on each issue. Every single thing is out there to cause potential clash among people. Human society would have been in chaos, had their differences not been recognised by others. Therefore, only one thing could make the society better:  RESPECT. Recognise the differences  of each other and RESPECT them so we can live in harmony and have a peaceful life working towards a peaceful society. That should be the ultimate goal of every human life: BE GOOD, give GOODNESS to humanity and give due rights to others.

Thus, for these good people, after work for life and after serving their family, every now and then they go for the goodness of whatever they are capable of. This GOODNESS is the foundation of all these humanitarian organisations around the world and even a neighbourhood social organisations.

So how many varieties of goodness are out there?. Some people work for giving goodness to the ‘mother nature’, saving pandas and other endangered animals from extinction, saving the ‘green earth’, giving goodness to the elderly and combating diseases such as ‘breast cancer society’. some people work towards helping destitute people from hunger and from the basic needs of life, and giving goodness to the poor, helping them to attain ‘economic freedom’, bringing ‘oppressed women’ into ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘enlightenment of the mind and soul’. There are so many ways in which people choose to give goodness to humanity.

Now, there’s no doubt that these people are among the best people in society. I hold utmost respect to all these humanitarian people and all the greatest human minds. But I beg to differ in terms of prioritising it while fully agreeing with the fact that ‘giving goodness’ is the BEST thing to do.

Let me start with a question to you all. “If giving goodness is the most important essence of human life, WHO DESERVES THE MOST GOODNESS from you?”

I asked this question to several types of good people and the most common answers were: “everybody!” Most of the common people do not let a question drop; they have the answer to them on their lips, so they answer me without thinking. So I help them by breaking it up. You have your family, mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, animals, etc.

“Who DESERVES the most goodness from you?”

After giving some thought, they reply, “Well, my family I guess.”

“You’re getting there, but not quite yet. I wanted to know WHO MOST?”

“In the family?”

“Yes, in the family.”

“Well, definitely my mother.”

“Are you sure? If I asked you to choose one person among them, who is the MOST DESERVING of your goodness?”

“My mother.”

I said, well, this is one point that everyone around the world would agree with (only few exceptions by circumstances). Then my obvious question is “why?”

The answer is so easy. Because she gave birth to me, brought me up, cared for me. All these are true, but shall I tell you a surprising reply from at least 5% of the common people? At least 3 of the people I asked (One of them was a Script Writer for movies for Fox Studio’s production company) said their mother ‘created’ them. I said, “Are you kidding me? You serious about that?” I had to laugh out loud by which they understood it was a ridiculous thought from their part. So I replied, “Had your mother created you, she would have made your brain like Einstein or Stephen Hawking or make you look like the most beautiful woman on earth.”

And yes, your mother did everything for you. She carried you inside of her womb for nine months, you suckled her blood, she felt sick for months with nausea, then she watched her feet swell and her skin stretch and tear. She struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quickly and even a simple task like putting her shoes on was a huge struggle for her. She suffered many sleepless nights while you kicked inside of her and went through EXCRUCIATING PAIN to bring you into this world. She’s struggled for you, put herself second to you and has driven herself insane with worry for you. This is your mother. That’s the reason why she deserves most goodness from you.

But then again, this idea of giving the most goodness does not go with a few ‘free minds’ with the philosophy of ‘individual freedom’. Few people come with the argument that everybody deserves goodness from you no matter what! So they do not want to go to the extent of ‘comparing goodness’. They just don’t realised that it is just their arrogance that does not let them acknowledge the obligations they have towards their mother. I guess it is their personal bad experience with their mother. One of them had even mentioned that “what if a mother regrets having her child?” In individual cases that could happen, but does that make one obligation-free towards their mother?

In order to cover the minds of these people I have to ask the question from a different perspective. Imagine a person is good to his neighbour, his dog, and everybody else around him, would it make sense if this person was not good to his mother? Human minds are now so complicated that even this simple logic does not go into their mind. Many times the responses to this question makes me laugh. One such answer is, ‘She must be a bad mother then.’ I break it up for them again. Imagine that she is a good mother. Now a humanitarian person gives his life away for humanity but you come to know that the same person does not care about his mother. Can that be possible? Does it make sense? Now they say, “No, how come? It does not make sense.” To which I add “Yes, that does not make sense. If you know such people you will call them a hypocrite, right?”

Now let’s summarise. We have to be good, and give goodness to humanity. We agreed that our mother deserves the most goodness from us and we also agreed that without giving goodness to our mother any other goodness does not make sense at all. Now, why do mothers deserve the  most goodness? Because she brought us up. Then the most important question arises. Did our mother create us? Did our mother give us our hands, eyes, lips, brains, heart? Did she make them? No!

Then here is the obvious question, if our mother deserves the MOST GOODNESS from us because she brought us up, then what about the CREATOR who made us? How much of the ‘GOODNESS’ does HE deserve from us?

Let’s look at it differently. If without giving goodness to our mother any other goodness does not make sense at all then how does giving goodness to the humanity but not to the Creator make sense?

Think of it in a more simpler way. If a person gives goodness to humanity but not to his mother and his goodness or humanitarian work does not make sense, then how is it that a person who does not care about his creator but cares for the humanity makes sense at all?

If you are a logical and rational person, you now know that whatever humanitarian work you do, if you are not dutiful to your creator, and do not care about the commands of your creator or obey them, your humanitarian work does not have any value. And that is logical and rational conclusion.

Important Note:

On that note, I don’t mean that we disrespect someone’s good work to the society. My effort is only to call such good person towards submitting to the Creator of mankind with logic and reason and giving some insight about seeking for the BEST goodness whether such person is a believer in ONENESS of the creator or not. Therefore my request to my readers who agree with me, please keep this in mind, do not use this logic to demean someone by devaluing his/her work towards humanity because he/she does not follow the command of the Creator that he BELIEVES the creator sent through HIS message or he/she does not believe in a creator. Rather use this argument with respect so that they give it a thought. Only the Creator can give guidance if HE wills.