Science + Logic + Ignorance + Arrogance + Blind Belief + Slavery of Desire = Atheists


= Do you believe there is a Creator!
– I have science and logic, I don’t need a Creator!

= Have you considered the third, fourth, fifth and sixth elements?
– What do you mean? What are those elements!

= Arrogance as third element, Ignorant as fourth, Blind belief as the fifth and slavery of Desire is the sixth one!!

– What do you mean?
= Well when science says “yes”, logic says “yes” then these elements says “No”! So, you could be the one who might be having MOSTLY the third MOST INFLUENTIAL element that shaped your mind if not fourth, fifth or sixth!

– How you know? 
= Well, There are many SCIENTISTS, many FOLLOWERS of scientists are out there that this EGO overtakes their knowledge of science and logic, they are are mostly guided by their arrogance!

– What’s your point!
= You want to know? seriously?

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