01.01 Imagine the Reality – Prologue

imagineHow a writer writes?

He has to put on the shoes of the character he is writing of.
He sees the world from the eyes of that character
He sometimes take himself literally to the condition of the character
He sometimes lives the life of the character himself
He sometimes visits the condition of the environment of the time and place of the character lives in
He sometimes vigorously studies the history, facts etc of the environment of the character
He sometimes spend long period of the time to research the fact to write in.

 All these he does to get to the reality of that fictitious character. So, that he can involve and attach his reader with the character.
And then as for the reader, the one who has more imagination can attach with the character more than the one does not have the kind of imagination.

So it’s all about the imagination that take people close to the reality.  And then this is just about a fictitious character, or fictitious story.

 And then what about the fact and reality that we live in? How much imagination we need to understand and get attached to that reality?
In fact we just don’t need to imagine as it is the reality. Then how come we don’t understand the reality? Because we consciously try to not to think about the reality.

For example, death. It’s a reality. It happens around us every single day! Still how many of us THINK about our own death for a moment every day? Even you try to discuss about death with somebody, he refuses to discuss it.

 Let me give you another example of reality and you will find even not one person out of 100 you talk do not think about this reality.
The earth we live in, in real term, it is a huge ball of land and water that spins and runs in the empty space. It’s like a football shot in the air. Imagine there are ants on the football and you see it making huge castle to live in when he knows his castle will be demolished by the next person who will hits the ball, would you not feel pity for the poor ant for wasting his time making the castle which he himself won’t even get time to live in?
Then what are we? Aren’t we the same? Isn’t this is the reality? How you get to understand and live with this reality? Only by extending your thoughts and imagination. That’s in fact the best aspect of you, best of human being. That’s what make a human being a best creature. Imagination and power of thinking. Other than this faculty we human are like any other animal who lives by it’s physiological necessity.

An animal or insect does things only out of it’s physiological necessity. It has stomach so it collects food, it has reproductive organ so it finds mate and reproduces, it needs shelter from rain and sun so it builds it’s nest, it needs protection from others so it builds security system like staying together in the community, helping each other and collecting food together, working together, fight together for one cause and they play together too! (Bit of advice here, you don’t have to see scientific explanation to know these, just observe animals and insects closely yourself, mindfully). Do you see most of the human just living in these pattern? (I just intentionally do not use the phrase, ‘living like animal and insect’, out of respect to my fellow human being) Those human being just eat, work, sleep, entertain, sport, fun, reproduce, help others and the cycle goes on while they don’t realise when they got old and get close to the death.

 So, how we human differ from those animal and insects? Biologically, only by one organ called, brain. Then what’s the function of that brain? To think and to imagine! So, if you not thinking and cannot imagine then what you think is the difference between you and an animal or insect?

In fact, that is why, our creator has put so much important to this faculty. How many times he is asking to the human being, “Do you not think?” He even says to the one who believes in HIM, “the one who does not think is WORST than the cattle” So, you can logically understand how important is for us to THINK and IMAGINE. Therefore, you must THINK and IMAGINE to understand the reality.

But yes, there are many people out there who imagine many things and create things everyday and innovate fantasy everyday. But what about the imagination of the reality? What is the imagination that you need to have to understand the most important reality of your life? Follow this blog to know that reality.