01.21 You are nothing but a slave – Part 2


Look at your body! Aren’t you a SLAVE your body? Are you a thoughtful person? THINK of it! Your body force you to eat, Your body force you to go to toilet, Your body force you to sleep, Do you think you are in control? Isn’t your body controls you? Aren’t you just a SLAVE to your body?

Doesn’t it give you the idea that you are nothing but a SLAVE! Yes, you are a SLAVE! You are a slave to the CREATOR of your body!

Now, THINK of it! Even the organ called “Brain” that makes you to think you are in control of yourself but in reality you don’t control the operation of it. You just control one function of your brain. That’s’ it! Only in that is what given freedom to you! So, that you can choose as because your creator wants to honour you, so He gave you a huge tool (brain) so that you cannot blame Him

Aren’t these tells you that your body has a creator! Aren’t these tells you that you have a Creator? Yes, you have a Creator. And that Creator wants you to worship him! That’s the reason HE created you!

And HE gave you glad tidings of paradise for eternity if you worship him! And HE warned you of Eternal FIRE if you deny HIM

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