01.61 How short time to prepare for an eternity!

Imagine how short our time is to prepare us for a life for eternity. Does it fall into any proportionate calculation even? How much time we get to prepare ourselves for unimaginable time! Just whatever time is given to us by Allah! and we have no idea about that! La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah.

What an exam we have to face! Allahu Akbar! Is it exam or is it the day of result? I think exam is now we are giving. Yes, aren’t we giving exam now as long as we live? That’s our time to write in the exam paper while we have breath! Allahu Akbar!

Do we feel like we are in a exam room? When we know the consequence of the result of this exam, what we are doing! I feel like stop everything of life and start crying for days! Feel like squeeze out all the water in the body through my eyes! I feel like my heart is burdened, I cannot do what I want to do! Because day is so tight! Feel hungry so I eat, Feel sleepy so I sleep, Have to go to work so I run, No time to think! I feel like to stop this! If I don’t have to run for all the cycle of this daily routine!

If my breath is stop my exam is finished! Allahu Akbar! What I do, what I do! I don’t know when my sand watch will stop! How much sand is left I don’t know! What I do now!

How I make others know what I feel! How I make my family even to feel the same! O Allah!