01.71 If you only knew what a great disaster is about to fall


You enjoying life, right? Great job. Huge home, Effluent money, having security from the govt. You are enjoying the great concert with 200,000 people in one arena! What a gift of life! So, you thinking this is what life is all about! I enjoy! I have my freedom. I am the king of the world.

But no, you are not. Imagine, something going to happen out of your imagination. You know, scientist even don’t know the width of this universe! What if somebody coming from far away universe and claim that you owe your life to it! To them! So, they are coming to deal with you!

If you know that the US government know that a great disaster is about to fall. A great calamity that will wipe out entire world! Or a great disaster that will destroy human being  or great disaster that will kill most of the human in the world. No human being on earth will be spared. Not rich not poor, not powerful one not the powerless one, not a famous one not fan of the celebrity, every single human being will be affected. You will be one of them suffering from food, hunger, living like animal, living without hands legs, eyes, heads.

You watch lot of science fiction movies, horror movies. Let me tell you the story more detail. The aliens that are going to attack will enslave human. Their pleasure is to burn other species and take out from burning when they are about to die and then heel the skin and then again put it in the fire.

The disaster was obvious, no way out, absolutely no way out. It will happen. Nothing can prevent it. US govt. knew this and they also knew the cure of it and they also told you to do your part as an individual but you never pay heed to it. Because they did not tell you the disaster in a way that you get scared. So they moderately told you some measures that you take to prevent this calamity befallen on you.

But you did not care. You never pay heed. You have been enjoying life and thinking this is life all about it and it will last forever.

Now when you face the calamity, What would you feel! What would you do! Won’t you say, how come they did not force us to listen to them! How come they did not use force to make us understand! Won’t you say that!

You will get more upset when you know that it was a very simple thing to do to prevent you from this disaster. But you never understand that someone was giving you the warning. You even laughed at that person! But now when you will face the obvious fire, you would wish that somebody rather forced you to understand that this is coming!