05.05 Do you understand a pain even if you have experienced it yourself before?

chiliCan you feel the hotness of a chili in your mouth without eating it, though you might have already tasted the hotness of a chili before? Have you ever burnt yourself from a lighter, or while cooking?

You see, you know the pain. You know how it feels but can you recall that pain and feel it now? No you can’t. We human are such limited in realization of the fact even though we have knowledge and experience of something. We think that we understand pain of others. But in reality we cannot realize even our own pain that we experienced ourselves before. We realized only only when it happens, at the PRESENT MOMENT of it’s happening.

Thfire-1erefore, we don’t have any impact of the hearing of hell fire that out creator has warned for not believing in Him and His messenger and then he also warned the fire to those who believe but do not obey His command and the limitations He set for their life.
So, my fellow human being, know your limitations and beware of it. Do not let it go. It might cause you to ultimate destruction and humiliation. Imagine the fire as close as possible and control yourself and your desire from going beyond the limits set by your creator for you. The limitation and prohibitions of your creator is nothing but is set to test your willingness whether you can control your desire or not.