A Muslim is in Connection with the Most powerful:

sujud2Ask a person who works or have a ‘hot connections’ with the office of the prime minister or in the office of the president or a king of his nation or country or the land he calls ‘my country’, How do you think that makes him proud over others in the society? What prestige, status he enjoys in the society only because he steps in the office of his Prime Minister?

Well, think of a Muslim then. A Muslim has a intense ‘one-on-one’ connection, 5 times a day, inside the HOUSE of the owner of this entire land call ‘earth’ and the owner of the sun over your head and the owner of the sky that surrounds your vision. Can you imagine what prestige, status he feels in his mind and heart throughout the day? Allahu Akbar! Continue reading “A Muslim is in Connection with the Most powerful:”

A Muslim Uses his INTELLECT for its most Intended PURPOSE

brains-2A Muslim is the one who uses his intellect in the MOST useful way of what it is made for.

As for the people of all other ‘religions’ and belief systems, a person might use his intellect to send rocket to space or curing the impossible diseases but when it comes to the matters about his creator he shuts up his intellect and he takes anything as his ‘god’ and goes to pray to a stone or fire or sun or man or ‘mother nature’ or ideas of other men or ideas of his own or his own desires, he makes creations as his ‘god’ but as for a Muslim he uses his intellect most to understand his creator and pray to the one who created him. Continue reading “A Muslim Uses his INTELLECT for its most Intended PURPOSE”

A Muslim follows the ‘Policy Manual’ entirely and whole-heartedly

manual3Do you know the difference between people working in an organization which has a policy manual and those working in an organization which does not have a policy manual?

In an org which has a policy manual, is it possible for employees to work the way they think is best for the org or do they have to work by following the policy manual? Do you think an employee will have a job in an org where he does not follow the manual of the org?

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A Muslim’s attitude is that of a Fire Fighter and Emergency Rescuer

fire2Imagine a person working as a fire fighter. You see him running for saving lives from fire or Imagine a emergency rescuer running for rescue lives from incumbent danger.

This is what a Muslim runs like but unlike the fire fighter or the emergency rescuer he runs to save lives from eternal fire because his creator orders him to do so.

A Muslim is the Most Upright one

lawDid you see a most obedient servant of a state judicial department, how he upholds the law of the book? A Muslim is just like that!

Only difference between a most dutiful and obedient servant of a state judicial system to a Muslim obedience (Al-Quran 67:22) is that his goes to the law made by men like himself but for a Muslim, his law is literally sent from the sky, from the creator of him, Creator of this magnificent universe. SubhanAllah!

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